PRPF Meeting: Advocating for Public Rights and Environmental Initiatives

successfully recovered the stolen amount


During the meeting, Advocate Panchjanya Batra Singh brought to attention a significant case where a hacker had stolen Rs 98 lakh online from a Faridabad resident. The forum, with all its members, approached the Faridabad Police Commissioner, Shri Rakesh Kumar Arya, to seek justice. Through their tireless efforts, the police successfully recovered the stolen amount. The forum expressed its gratitude to Police Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Arya for resolving this critical issue.

Yesterday, a meeting of the Public Rights Protection Forum (PRPF) was held at the Aravali Golf Club. Known for its relentless advocacy for public rights, the forum discussed its past activities, shedding light on several positive outcomes.

Shri NC Wadhwa, Commissioner (Retd.) of the Public Rights Protection Forum (PRPF), suggested that formal email exchanges should complement physical meetings to enhance communication and expedite results. This recommendation was well-received by all present.

Forum President Shri SK Sachdeva proposed the initiation of a tree plantation campaign to address environmental concerns. This suggestion was unanimously approved. Mdm Panchjanya Batra Singh proposed the first site for plantation in the area of Shri Kapil Malik, who agreed. Shri Vipin Gulati also agreed to provide some sites, and Shri Roop Chand, Retd. The commissioner agreed to offer a site in Sector 21.

Despite Faridabad being recognized as a Smart City, the forum raised concerns about severe water logging issues that arise even with an hour of rain, leading to traffic jams and posing significant risks due to open sewers. Tragically, several deaths have occurred due to these hazards. The forum plans to conduct a comprehensive survey on the waterlogging issue and launch a campaign to address and resolve it.

Key members present at the meeting included NC Wadhwa, SK Sachdeva, Kapil Malik, Roopchand, Panchjanya Batra Singh, Mahavir Singh, Vipin Gulati, Chandan Mehta, SS Ahuja, and RK Singla.

It was decided to hold regular monthly meetings on the last Friday of every month, which was agreed upon by all members.

The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks by our member Shri RK Singla, acknowledging the contributions and participation of all members present.

The PRPF remains dedicated to advocating for the basic and fundamental rights of the public, continuously striving for improvement and effective solutions to pressing issues in Faridabad.